A Mechatronics Engineer student and self-taught Freelancer Programmer, experienced in developing Administrative Software. You can also read my Resume.

  • Python lover, both in Desktop and Server
  • Web enthusiat, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL...
  • Games Dev. for Haxeflixel, AS3 and the like
  • Features
    • Fast and eager learner
    • Dedicated to solve problems in elegant way
    • Works well in teams
    • Full familiarity with git, jenkins, and others DevOps
  • Electronics and Robotics, love to make stuff in my workshop
  • Linux PowerUser, and general Open-Source lover
  • Have my own dedicated WebServer! (refurbished old pc)
  • Very Experienced in Networking, Cisco Certified CCNA

Quick Reference Data

Parameter Value
Name Wolfang Alfredo Torres González
Birth Date May 25, 1995
Location Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela
Time Settings VET: UTC-4:30, Available anytime
Languages Spanish, English, Portuguese (learning)
Other Languages Python, HaxeFlixel, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, Django, Flask, Linux, Bluemix, Gnome, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, ActionScript 3, Java, C, C++/CLI, Flixel, Tkinter, GTK3+, Arduino, FreeCAD...

Log of Activities

A minimalist and simple to use system for the creation and administration of medical records, developed in Python3 and MySQL. It allow medical staff without familiarity with computers to easily read and store the medical information of their patients and print their indications.

A nice looking tool to control the workings of any kind of workshop, it can control incoming products for repair an maintenance, which technicians works on them, with tools and resources are used and where are they stored, developed in Python3 and MySQL.

A small flash game about being sad inside of a dungeon, build in a couple of days using AS3 and flixel.